At Harris & Harris, our employees are an integral part of our business. We have a culture of support and respect that motivates our staff to achieve their own personal and professional goals. We do this through effective classroom training, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, talent recognition programs, internal job advancement strategies and promoting community awareness through volunteering at charitable organizations.These initiatives all contribute to the nurturing environment that represents Harris & Harris.

Clients and Departments

Harris & Harris works in three main markets: Healthcare, Government and Utilities. We cultivate long-term relationships with our clients in these markets by collaborating with them on customer service expectations, call quality and productivity. We take the time to learn each company’s unique needs and expectations, and staff the right service team that will yield positive results.

Our Collectors

By nature, the job of a collection representative is a delicate balance of compassion, discipline and creativity. When every situation is unique, the approach must be unique as well. In part, this is what makes collecting stressful. Therefore, we balance the stress with activities that build camaraderie, encourage communication, and make training fun.

In addition, our collection representatives are paid a competitive base salary and high percentage of commission. Collection representatives can often earn more in monthly commission than they do in salary. They are also motivated by daily contests and games for cash or prizes. All these efforts result in a higher net return to the client. 

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Counseling
  • Trust
  • Personal Responsibility