Arnold Scott Harris P.C.

Arnold Scott Harris P.C. is a law firm with an exclusive relationship with Harris & Harris. The law firm employs full-time attorneys who are recognized as experts in the revenue collection field, legal secretaries and an administrative staff. Their practice is concentrated on accounts receivable collections and creditors' rights litigation. Arnold Scott Harris P.C. can bring decisive court action to bear in any debtor's locale. .

Litigation Programs

Numerous studies have established that the collection rates of collection agencies with law firm relationships are generally 20% to 35% greater than conventional collection agencies. Our firm's collection rate is among the industry's highest, which is a testament to our ability to incorporate litigation as part of the overall collection process. Our litigation program is suported by a network of attorneys, paralegas, pre-legal staff, and legal collectors. The bulk of our judgements result in garnishment of wages, with a collection success rate on litigated cases at well over 85%.


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